Intraday Tips for Trading NSE Stock Share Market

NSE Stock Market Tips for Long Term and Short Term Investors

If you are a investor who prefers to buy stocks on NSE India stock market for short term or long term investment then you have come to the right place. We provide stock market tips for small and big investors. We have a proven record of good stock market tips which generate anywhere between 5% to 50% returns from within few days to few months. You can verify our twitter tweets to confirm the same. We have also summarized our stock market tips given on twitter below:
  Summary of our Twitter feeds which tell truth about our stock tips service.
Date Stock Name Buy Price Status
18th Oct 2011 TATASTEEL Rs. 430 8.5% profit booked @ rs. 470 on 28th Oct 2011
27th Sep 2011 CAIRN INDIA Rs. 280 23.9% profit booked @ Rs.368 on 7th Feb and still holding rest.
15th Dec 2011 JSWSTEEL Rs. 532 7% profit booked @573 on 3rd Jan 2012
8th Dec 2011 RELIANCE INFRA  Rs.400 2.5% loss and exited at Rs. 390 on 10th Jan 2012
16th Jan 2012 SUZLON Rs. 18.5 38% profit booked @ Rs.30 on 7th Feb and holding rest.
8th Feb 2012 IFCI Rs. 34 15% profit booked @ Rs. 40 on 13th Feb and holding rest.
13th Feb 2012 SURYACHAKRA POWER Rs. 3.4 Call open. Still holding stock...
Frequently Asked Question on Stock Tips (FAQ)
1. What kind of stock tips service is this?
We provide delivery stock tips for small and large investors where we given recommendation to buy a stock and hold it for a period between few days to months to generate good returns on your stock investment. We also tell you when to exit from the stock. We give stock tips in only group A and NSE 50 stocks which are safe and sound to invest. We do not give stock tips in low grade shares unless we see a growing opportunity. Why invest in SIP or mutuals funds when you can take better control of your investment with us.
2. Is this stock tips service free?
No. We have stopped free delivery stock market tips. There is no free lunch in this world.
3. What are your stock market tips charges?
We charge Rs.6000 per year inclusive of all charges. No monthly subscription is provided.
4. How many stock tips or delivery tips do you give in one year?
We ensure that atleast 10-20 stock tips are given to you. This is minimum that we gurantee and there is no upper limit for it. Whenever we see a good opportunity to buy a stock, we share it with you. Sometimes, markets are in downtrend (going down day by day). In such cases, we dont give tips.
5. Do you give short sell tips?
No. We give tips to buy stocks only for long term and short term investment in NSE.
6. Why dont you have monthly subscription?
Because in certain months, the markets go down and down and we cannot provide any buy tips in such a period. It becomes difficult to manage subscription and keep customers happy in such duration and we dont want to give stock tips just  for the sake of it. We want your capital to grow and retain as much customers as possible.
7. How do I get tips?
First you transfer money to our account, then fill up the activation form on this page below. Once your account is activated, then we will send you tips by SMS and also by email. If your sms is in DND, you will not recieve our sms but you can still get our emails.
8. What does your stock tips look like?
Example: Buy INFOSYS @ 2000 for a period of 1 month.
Our stock tips will tell you what price to buy a stock. You will get SMS and email to buy the stock, and also when to exit from the stock to book profit. Just follow our rules. When we ask you to exit from the stock, please exit. Dont hold onto it. This is where common retail investors dont follow the rules and stick to a falling stock.
9. How do I report a problem or contact us?
Please write an email to us at . Dont forget to mention your mobile number in it so that we can retrieve your account details.
10. If I make a payment for stock tips, then when will be my service activated?
Your service will be activated from the day when you get first stock tip and thereafter till one year. For example, if you pay today, and if market is going down n down, then you might get the first tip after 2 weeks. So your account activation date will be the day when you get first tip till one year from that period.
11. How much percent returns on stock investment do you gurantee?
There is no gurantee of returns in stock markets. One who gives gurantee is fooling you. The logic to profit in stock market is to cut your losses and let your profits run. So, some of our calls might fail but when we ask to exit, you should exit and sell the stock even if it means taking a loss. On an average, we target 5% to 50% returns on a stock depending on the stock news and performance.
12. How do I renew service?
We will get in touch with you before your service expires.
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